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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Native Wildlife at Avalon Park & Preserve

Of the more than 200 acres that make up Avalon Park & Preserve, 140 of them are ready and waiting for the public to explore. The remainder exists to protect the unique ecosystem present on Long Island. The habitat consists of a mix of meadows, woodlands, and rugged shorelines. Head to the park to glimpse all of them.

Bring along a mask for instances when you can’t social-distance effectively, per the park’s current guidelines. But given the sheer size of the park and its webbing labyrinth of trails, you might not encounter many other folks on your jaunt. If you’re looking for a short stroll, take the Mill Pond boardwalk trail. At 0.35 miles, the flat path promises views of two ponds teeming with birds and turtles. Want a longer, more diverse excursion? The 2.2-mile Yellow Trail cuts through the Coast Corridor, the Hilltop Meadow, and the Forest Sanctuary, offering up beautiful views and encounters with wildlife along the way.