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Reconnect With the Great Outdoors at Prosser Pines Nature Preserve

What Prosser Pines Nature Preserve lacks in size, it makes up for in wow factor. Although its lone trail is less than a mile long, the loop cuts through a forest of towering pine trees. Visitors describe it as otherworldly, saying it feels miles apart from the bustling roads that are actually just a stone’s throw away.

The majestic trees create a soothing outdoor space where the stresses of the world beyond melt away, and you can just enjoy some quiet time with nature. Since the path is relatively flat and even, novice hikers (including those with kids in tow) should have no trouble traversing it. Soak up the remainder of the summer heat on the trail at Prosser Pines Nature Preserve or plan an early fall visit when the weather is just starting to shift from balmy to brisk.