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Swolehouse Is Now Open Near The Point at Pine Ridge

Swolehouse recently opened its doors to make healthy eating easier. Instead of sitting down to plan out your week, you only have to choose week’s worth of meals from the Swolehouse menu. You can also stop in and build a single salad or wrap for lunch.

Start by choosing the base of your meal. The list includes greens like kale and spinach, a whole-wheat wrap, and a lettuce wrap. Next, pick your protein—perhaps the pulled Angus steak or the fresh salmon. Pile on toppings like peppers and onions, layer on some mozzarella or feta cheese, and finish off your meal with a drizzle of ranch, balsamic, or teriyaki dressing. If you opt to order a full week of meals, you go through a similar process to select each component and either pick them up or have them delivered.