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Get Fit in a Fun Way at Port CrossFit

When you visit a CrossFit gym, you’re not just getting a good workout, you’re joining a community, which is one of the reasons this fitness craze has become so wildly popular around the nation. It’s also one of the things that members say they value most about Port CrossFit. This Port Jefferson gym has a reputation for building strong friendships alongside building muscles, which is just one reason that people return again and again. 

New to CrossFit? The basic concept is pretty simple: it’s high intensity interval training, with an emphasis on benchmarking your personal progress, building muscle, and increasing mobility and power. You’ll do so with a different routine each and every time you visit. The WOD (or "workout of the day") is key at this CrossFit gym, and offers both guidance and variety for gym-goers. Still not sure? Sign up for one of the gym’s introductory group sessions to decide if this place is for you.