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Get Competitive With Your Friends at High Velocity Paintball

Whether you bundle up and hit one of the seven outdoor fields or keep warm in the sprawling indoor obstacle course, High Velocity Paintball promises a fun way to stay active this fall. The paintball facility houses a total of eight different indoor and outdoor fields, and the indoor field is updated regularly. So regardless of which one you choose, you can always expect a new challenge.

Round up a few friends who don’t mind the autumn chill in the air, and reserve one of the seven themed outdoor playing fields. The Castle is, by far, the most popular, probably because of its sheer size. There’s plenty of room to play capture the flag or a simple game of paintball tag. If you opt to stay inside, the 25,000-square foot field boasts AstroTurf, so you won’t slip as you run from your opponents. The staff also switches up the layout on a regular basis, so it’s impossible to get bored—even if you come back time and time again.