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Get Tight and Toned at Barre-Tique Fitness

You haven’t been to a studio like Barre-Tique Fitness. This state-of-the-art studio has a club-like feel, with large, spacious studio rooms, intelligent LED lighting, and high-end sound system. It just feels like a fun place to be, and they strive to keep that same exciting vibe throughout each exercise class.

Barre-Tique fitness has two main class offerings. The namesake Barre-Tique classes combine stretch and strength exercises at their unique powder coated barres. You’ll work up a sweat and increase flexibility, all while working on your core. Levi-Tique is the supplemental class style that incorporates aerial silks for a high-flying, high-impact workout. When you add the uplifting music, encouraging staff, and other high-end touches, you will want to make Barre-Tique Fitness your fitness destination. Visit their website for new client offers, or to see the membership and class packs available. New students can try two classes for just $28.

Barre-Tique Fitness is conveniently located on Wilson Street in Port Jefferson Station just off the 112 Highway.

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