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Devour a Seafood Feast at Popei’s Clam Bar

The seafood served at Popei's Clam Bar doesn't have far to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Long Island kitchen. That's probably why everything from the crab legs to the calamari is so fresh. With ample outdoor seating and a patio bar, Popei's Clam Bar is a popular spot to go on a warm summer's night for just-caught seafood.

To start, try the yellowfin tuna dusted with "everything" seasoning and drizzled with teriyaki-cilantro sauce or the baked clams stuffed with bacon, cheese, and shrimp. Save some room for a larger entree, such as the Popei Special. The dish encompasses mussels, calamari, shrimp clams, scallops, crab legs, scungilli, and veggies all tossed with linguine and butter-garlic sauce. Popei's also offers many simple seafood dinners that you can order fried or broiled, grilled or blackened, or dusted with Cajun seasonings and served with all of the fixings.

Public Domain/Pixabay/ShenXin