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Get Your Heart Rate Up and Burn Some Calories at Cocomotion

Cocomotion in Miller Place is a unique yoga studio focused on meditation, movement, and breathing with an emphasis on Asana and Pranayama practices. What makes this studio different from more traditional ones is its blend of yoga with Pilates, plyometrics, and CrossFit-style fitness techniques. Owner Coco Teodoro has been a yoga instructor for over seven years and his motto is, “We exist to move people.” His goal is to move people physically, but also move people to be the best person they can be. The studio offers a variety of classes, all with the word “motion” included, such as Slow Motion, Basic Motion, Early Motion, Iron Motion, and more.

In addition to classes, the studio hosts various workshops focused on a particular subject of yoga. Join Jody Spinnato at her Fly! Workshop, which concentrates on the strength, alignment, and flexibility of handstands. Take advantage of Cocomotion’s New Student Special, which includes one month of unlimited classes for $30.

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