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Build Strength and Flexibility at Satya Yoga and Pilates

Better posture. Toned abs and back muscles. A deeper awareness of your body. If these sound like benefits you wouldn't mind reaping from your exercise routine, try a Pilates mat class at Satya Yoga and Pilates. Its introductory class reveals the basic postures and breathing exercises of Pilates, which work to build stronger bodies and provide other perks, too.

Once you master the fundamentals, you can move on to more advanced classes. The same goes for the yoga sessions. Start with a beginner class, during which you'll build a solid foundation for your practice, then dive into more difficult Vinyasa classes. Vinyasa-style yoga moves at a fast clip to get the body sweating and incorporate some cardio as you cultivate strength. In addition to Pilates and yoga classes, this studio also offers karate and dance classes so that you can always keep your fitness routine fresh and interesting.

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